To make this site I had a lot of help, Without the work of over 1385 people this would not look the same, these are the tools they created.

Before I begin I just want to say this is not for absolute beginners, learning everything takes time so don’t worry

Anyway onwards to tooling;

And realistically that’s all you need I recommend you download GitHub desktop to make you life easier. And if you have knowledge of HTML and CSS that’s all you need to create a site.

But hey this blog is complicated I’m not going to write all of this code am I. So here’s some more tools I used to make my life easier and the code simpler.

These are the tools I used, sure there are alternatives but I found these to work well and I’m now stuck in the ecosystem these tools provide. CloudFlare, Google Analytics, Measure and Travis CI are not necessary but they are useful tools you can add for the management of the site. All of these tools except your domain is free so why not?

Possibly next week I’ll go over the more of the setup and the structure of my site, feel free to follow along. Technically you could do it all yourself now by reading the documentation on all the tools and deploy your site so if you’re a skilled developer go ahead.