Connecting to Hull 🏫

You’re going to uni, Hull uni. Here’s a list of things you can connect to that I found during my time here. If you don’t have your login bookmark this for later and if you find it useful a share would be nice.


UPDATED 09/09/20

The most important thing on this list, you can find it here.

Using the ical feed and attaching it to your calendar is the best way forward, this will sync nicely with your timetable. I recommend google calendar, but any good calendar will support an ical feed. Just hit menu in the top left, then connect to calendar app. you should copy a link similar to this.

alt text

Just paste it to your calendar app and you should be good to go.

On google calendar open it on a laptop

  • Click the settings cog then settings
  • Add calendar
  • From URL
  • Copy and paste the link
  • Wait a minute, the first sync takes longer than usual

You should end up with something that resembles this

alt text

If it doesn’t show remember to tick show in the google calendar menu.

Facebook also have ical feeds for events, something which societies use a lot, canvas too, but some modules spam the calendar making it unusable. The rest of this tutorial is based on google calendar so if you’re having trouble just switch. Then you’ll have a calendar that looks as good as this, plus it’s amazing for productivity once you sync up everything.


You can sync your uni Email to your phone, very handy for people who forget to check their emails, I use Gmail but any client should work.

  • Go to settings and add account
  • Select Exchange or Office 365
  • your email is actually your computer login with @hull.ac.uk E.g 554537@hull.ac.uk. The newer emails may just work as the actual email these are from 2018 onwards with only @hull.ac.uk at the end.
  • your password is your computer login password
  • allow admin rights (a bit worrying yes but oh well)

The server settings should get automatically get picked up but if you’re having trouble here is my entire config. alt text This also sync your calendar events to google calendar if you have an android phone.


The university says get an installer from Eduroam Cat and I support them, it works but your mileage may vary, Just select Hull uni and download the installer the login is the login described in the process below. But a PC connection is simple enough you don’t need a installer…

  • connect to Eduroam and it’ll prompt you for a username and password
  • your username is your computer login with @hull.ac.uk E.g 554537@hull.ac.uk
  • your password is your computer login password

Fun fact, Eduroam will work on campuses across 101 countries, I found this out when I was in Dublin. To connect all you other devices you use the same login, but you’ll probably have to go into advanced connection setting. If you get less that 20Mb/s cry, you can test your speed here.

Note, if you use a custom DNS, Eduroam will not work, this is probably because they want to track your activity.


Students can get office for free here. And all other software is available here. You use your university email and password to login but IT is a bit slow so it may take a few weeks to activate.

Get your files

This is the most complicated one, the university has box for cloud storage, but do not have box sync installed so it’s basically useless.

They do provide a VPN so you can access your drives like you’re at uni, you can read more about it here. Download the installer and login with your credentials. If you’re on Eduroam you just need to map your drives and it will just work. You can find how to do that here.


I think I covered everything, 2 more unrelated things I would recommend is Monzo, the app only bank which you can read about here and sign up here. Splitting bills and creating a tab for your house are extremely useful for students, me and my friends already have a tab set up and we haven’t even moved in yet.

If you’re a computer scientist get the GitHub Student pack here. It’s so much better than SVN. It even does static web hosting for free, so I recommend making a website. Here’s a little secret, my entire site costs £10 a year to run and helped me land a internship so I’d say it’s a good investment, you can read more about that here.